Eno package freezer

Eno package freezer

Champenois method available from 3 – 7 – 10 – 24 – 32 stations for wine clarification after the fermentation in bottle. Our freezers for bottle packages are refrigerating equipment that include a stainless steel basin that is filled with non-toxic glycol cooled down to a temperature of -25°C, which can be set in the specific thermostat. Over this basin there is a grille with circular holes having a special rubber gasket, on which the bottles are inserted up side down. The part of the bottle neck immersed in glycol at -25°C freezes quickly (around 2 minutes), allowing a quick elimination of the residues accumulated in the frozen part at the moment of the up side down turning off the bottle. A special stirrer maintains the glycol temperature uniform by constant mixing.

Construction features
VoltaggioPotenza W
220V o 380Vda 100W a 1400
Eno package freezer

- Operational with glycol up to -25/30°C (not supplied).
- Electronic thermostat for temperature control.
- Stainless steel casing mounted on wheels.
- Ready to operate and free of special maintenance. Materials and commonly used spare parts


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