“Family” stemming and crushing machine

“Family” stemming and crushing machine

Cart-mounted 0.75 hp motor-driven stemming and crushing machine, enamelled frame with food-grade epoxy powder coating complete with enamelled or stainless steel hopper depending on the model and aluminium rollers. The stemming and crushing machine has a simple and modern design, a carefully detailed structure and solid construction, making it practical and simple to use. Ideal for large runs.

Construction features
Produzione (kg/h)Tramoggia
1500 kg/hSmaltata o AISI 304
"Family” stemming and crushing machine

- Hopper size (cm): 50x95
- Production (kg/h): 1500
- CE compliant


Codicemodellofunzionamentodimensioni mmpeso Kgpotenza hpfinitura
00003810FAMILYa motore500x950501smalto
00003812FAMILYa motore500x950501inox
00003815FAMILYa motore500x95050/tutta inox