Vat bottom tray with wash pump

Vat bottom tray with wash pump

Built in stainless steel AISI 304 with pre-filter for retention of tartrates and other solid bodies. Centrifugal wash pump with double turbine for high work pressure, pump seal in VITON for use with detergents and alkaline and acid solutions. Totally built in stainless steel AISI 304. Nozzle piping/handle in stainless steel for displacement of the same inside the vessel, exclusive internal jet diverter for maximum dispersion of the liquid flow also on the vessel walls.

Construction features
AISI 304Tipo centrifuga a doppia turbina
Vat bottom tray with wash pump

- installed power: KW 2.2/3.00 V 380 50 HZ
- for washing tanks with planking 5/8 metres high
- outlet, DIN 40mm
- machine CE compliant


CodiceModelloPotenza KWCapacità LtPressione ATMDimensioni mm
00005385KS1502,2 380V1504350X1000X1000
00005390KS2003,0 380V2004350X1000X1300