A family history

Our story begins in the distant 1898 when Bartolomeo Marchisio manufacturer of wagons and carriages for transport, specializes in the sale for the French market. When his son takes over in 1920 , the company turns to the hardware trade until the 1963 when the heirs decide to move in the oenological market by glanding a good business opportunity in a thriving market and favorable. This is how the Fratelli Marchisio Spa was born in Pieve di Teco in the Ligurian hinterland of Imperia, by the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, Gilberto and Bartolomeo Marchisio. A terrible snowstorm on February 17, 1967 puts a strain on the company, but we have never given up for losers! In a short time thecompany always grows with great attention to technological innovations. In 1985 the old wooden and cement tanks was replaced by stainless steel were abandoned to reach high production levels and customers around the world .

Bartolomeo Marchisio e la prima botte in acciaio prodotta
Satisfied Customers
Designed and built wineries

In 50 years we have grown so much!

The operative skills attained and the competences acquired in more than 50 years of activity, allow us to realize products that are exported all over the world. New production needs have led, under the guidance of the new generation of owners Giacomo and Massimo Marchisio, to the transfer of the company in new plant in the industrial Zone of Pieve di Teco, on a total of 25,000 sqm, more than 10,000, are used for the production of products of very high quality, all rigorously designed and built on their own. The strong development of these years has also allowed Fratelli Marchisio & C. S.p.A. to widen further, widening its range of action. Examples include the recent development of increasingly complex beer tanks or the acquisition of the INCON brand, to open up to the production of palletized containers. Further step forward was with the creation of a retail store and, subsequently, e-commerce Vivi in Campagna, which is aimed at the hobby and professional world. This is why the Fratelli Marchisio is able to cover almost 90% of the food market and not.

Why Choose Us

We build the product around you

Because thanks to the specialized technical department , we design in CAD and in 3D CAD wineries on request, with correct placements of all the elements that compose it.

Continuous update

Because by observing how technology evolves we invest on ourselves with new machinery and extensions of the plant.

We are always with you

Because our goal is to satisfy the clientele to 100% providing services and consultancy for every need.

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